Cyberpunk Films You Can Watch To Stimulate Your Serotonin

3.157 nanoseconds of browsing upcoming NFT projects and your online presence is already known by the system running that NFT website. It detected a new IP address, but more importantly, rather than an undercover, it found that the user is new. Genuine. Curious. Hungry. Its visuals and sounds alone emits the Dura Mater Scorching Wavelength upon detection.Against your will, your thoughts are immediately enveloped with the desire to dive into the NFT trades and community. To splurge your funds into worthless assets which the promises were given but never delivered, and when the inevitable downfall happens, you will be left penniless.Until you meet that fate, you are trapped in a hellish cycle of NFT trading, and when you are finally let go, reality will only serve to punish you further through poverty, insanity and eventually, death after fusing your body with scrap metal for sexual grafitication. The “perfect” cyborg.