The Beauty Of Technology To Human’s Life

Technology has allowed us to learn everything at ease. Everything could be learned from the Internet nowadays. Do not know how to cook a piece of steak? Search it on Youtube. Want to know more about marketing strategy? Search it on Google. Eager to find out more about someone? Look up their profile on Instagram or Facebook. The beauty of technology has made learning become so much easier. If you want to learn more about social media and marketing in Malaysia, check out this link. 

Delta 8 hemp
6 Technologies That Uses Hemp

Day by day, there are thousands of applications and technologies being produced using Delta 8 Hemp or CBD. To this date, almost every industry has implemented the use of hemp, despite it being illegal in most countries.

Pump Up Your Wrist With A Smartwatch: Here’s Why

To pay for your groceries at your nearest Bangsar South shopping mall on the weekend, you’d notice most supermarkets prefer contactless transactions to minimize the risk of spreading the virus.

The Rise Of Online Streaming Websites VS Cable TV

Depending on which you fancy more, you have the option to choose only your favourite channels or simply just to watch หนังออนไลน์ฟรี. Some of you may want to subscribe to Sports channels to watch your favourite team playing. But you don’t really need a cable TV for that either as there are various live streaming services such as Youtube Live to watch them, and that is free. What’s the best part of it all? You get to pause your favourite TV shows and continue another day, unlike cable TV where once you miss the show, you won’t be able to watch it back.

Welcome to the STC Usability & User Experience Community
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Justification for Documentation Testing
by David Dick Is documentation testing a part of your production process? If not, don’t…

5 Ways Technology Has Contributed To The Cannabis Industry

Although you can find a few physical stores including a weed dispensary in California or any other country that legalize weed, most consumers tend to feel safe when buying them online. One example would be due to the COVID-19 pandemic that happened in 2020, cannabis dispensaries have turned to apps such as Budly or Eaze to fulfill deliveries and pick-up orders without obstructing any law, causing a surge of sales during that period. 

New Norm Of Buying Property

Sometimes, we also need to confront the agent that is really aggressive and pushing us to buy the property without giving us time to consider and think. Not only that, but we also need more time to visit the property and pretty sure that we not visiting only one but at least 2 or 3 property site that is a different place. The site might be far from each other and it really needs time to do it. For example, if your interested to visit a property at Sunway Damansara then want to visit the Selayang property then want to go to Puncak Alam house, it is quite far and it will take time. 



Working From Home With Technology: The Stress And How To Get Around It

How most people overcome this is by having a good internet connection like with Time Internet. Other than that, try to convince your employer how dire your situation is, hopefully, your employer will either understand your situation or help you fix it. Time management is more important when you’re working from home since you do not have other people watching over you or keeping you in check. You have to be able to keep yourself in check and this takes a lot of responsibility.

6 Advanced Technologies That Has Changed The Gaming Industry

With cool, fun mobile games created on a daily basis, there has been an increase in players wanting to play solely on their mobile phones. One of the notable mobile games would be Clash of Clans, a mobile strategy based app game. Players are allowed to create their own clans with the freedom of choosing any name they wish. Some players would use a clan names generator to come up with their own clan name. Once you have created your own clan, you can then fight against other clans in which they call ‘clan wars’. 

Are Website Builders Taking Over Web Development?

Considering the fact that all you need to do is drag and drop items to create a website, it is pretty much easy to use and very beginner-friendly. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how to use a website builder. With plenty of themes available from theme marketplaces like the Festinger Vault, ThemeForest and Big Cat Creative, setting up a website using a website builder is a much more affordable option. 

How Should Technical Specifications Be Written For Residential Constructions And Renovations

“The wood flooring will be sanded using a BOSCH ROS20VSC Palm Sander or equivalent.” Mentioning the particular brand name and model is very important. In some cases, even though this model has very good reviews, it might be replaced with another model due to last-minute changes which happen quite often when it comes to constructing jobs. 

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