Why Technical Specifications Is Important For Websites

Building a successful website requires proper planning in order to meet the requirements of the client, as well as meeting your goals. If you have yet to start preparing a document detailing the major features of the website, you should definitely start now. Technical specifications are one of the major contributing factors for the success of a website, especially when you offer web hosting SEO services for your clients

Learning Through Modern Technology

For example, let’s say you’re majoring in medical sciences but you also have an interest in chemical engineering, there will be nothing stopping you from pursuing both while still staying at home. Learn about neurology while learning about how to use methylcellulose in Malaysian food. Check out one of the best chemical supplier in Malaysia

Why People Tend To Online Shop

 There you can avoid crowds and you also do not need to worry if you work on shift and do not have time to buy groceries because the online grocery Malaysia is active 24/7, so worry less and let’s go for online shopping. If you plan to buy some stuff online, make sure to read the reviews first before buying because it really helps in terms of trusting a certain purchase from an uncertain seller. Thus, letting you avoid frustration when or if you receive an item that is not up to your expectations.


Show Your Appreciation Towards Technology

If you are investing it for research, to see how far humans are capable of creating new technologies in the future, you would not be disappointed with the outcome because as said before, as humans grow, so does technology. Thus, in STCSIG, we believe in keeping you up to date with the latest technologies available in the market. Website design Malaysia would also give tips, information, reviews and recommendations for our readers on technologies available in the market


How Should Technical Specifications Be Written For Residential Constructions And Renovations

“The wood flooring will be sanded using a BOSCH ROS20VSC Palm Sander or equivalent.” Mentioning the particular brand name and model is very important. In some cases, even though this model has very good reviews, it might be replaced with another model due to last-minute changes which happen quite often when it comes to constructing jobs. 

Facebook Gaming will now allow partnered streamers to play copyrighted music
Today, Facebook Gaming is set to allow its partnered streamers to play copyrighted, popular music…


Many financial Web sites offer advice for choosing a financial planner, tools for calculating how…
Online job banks
Looking for other jobs that may be available and not listed on the STC Canadian chapter job banks? Try these websites Monster Workopolis HRDC-Job bank Public Service Commission of Canada find jobs made available to the public in the Federal civil…
Canadian STC Community Homepage
To view homepage in French, click here. Welcome to the Canadian Society for Technical Communications (STC) Community. The Canadian STC Community was created to explore the issues that are unique to Canadian Technical Communicators, and to raise the awareness of the need…
Heuristic Evaluation – A System Checklist
Heuristic Evaluation - A System Checklist  1. Visibility of System Status The system should always keep user informed about what is going on, through appropriate feedback within reasonable time. #Review ChecklistYes No N/AComments1.1Does every display begin with a title or…

Usability Toolkit

The Usability Toolkit is a collection of forms, checklists and other useful documents for conducting usability tests and user interviews. The material may be used as is, or adapted for specific needs. Credit to the original contributors, when available (usually…
Pithy Design Quotes
A designer knows that he has achieved perfection not when there is nothing left to add, but when there is nothing left to take away - Antoine de St-Expurey The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It…

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