Best Cloud Storage Services To Use
Best Cloud Storage Services To Use

They’re now one of the best cloud storage provider in Malaysia and most people are using it because they’re also one of the companies that doesn’t have any hidden secrets and hidden charges. Out here with Alpha support you get what you pay for. Most cloud storage companies still do this to this day which is why I left out the ones that actually have had reported cases of cheating their customers such as comcast which is actually on the top 10 most hated companies in the United States.

unifi fibre coverage ai
Pros And Cons Of Implementing Artificial Intelligence

All this can be done on your laptop or even your smartphone, making things even easier since almost everyone already has either one. All you’d need besides a device is just an internet connection like Unifi. Unifi fibre coverage covers almost every state and offers a strong and stable connection for whatever you want to use it for.

The Hottest Technology Trend Of 2021: Internet Of Behaviour
The Hottest Technology Trend Of 2021: Internet Of Behaviour

Big tech companies have made their investment into the internet of things since its beginning and they revolutionized it, despite how intrusive it came across to the rest of the world. Internet of things made our lives more connected and convenient. We never realized how the likes of unifi Malaysia or other high-speed internet providers and software developers actually use our data to their advantage. 

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Delta 8 THC Gummies
Technology And Cannabis: They’re Good Friends

A lot of people in this world have different ways of relaxing. Whether it be to get some Delta 8 THC Gummies or simply do activities like go to the beach, read a book or some people relax by just listening to their favourite songs. There is also a huge part of our society that utilizes cannabis or weed to relax on a rough day. 

fire and water restoration AI
The Integration Of AI In Our Society

Building preservation, fire and water restoration etc requires the attention to the tiniest of details. A company who specialises in building preservation in New York City used harnesses to propel themselves around the buildings to take pictures. It was really time-consuming and dangerous. Today, they use drones to take pictures of the building, the pictures are then translated into the appropriate data and sorted automatically. This is possible because the AI was taught to identify any construction faults such as cracks, bent sheet metal etc.

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flat roofing digital
Items You Should Not Place In Your Home Attic, Especially Digital

The thought of using the stuff again would be drilled in their mind and these were stored away into any room they can fit into, especially the store room and of course, their well-built home attic from flat roofing. In the end, dust accumulates until these items are forgotten as only memories of the past, never to be used again.